Explore the world of food and health. Build bonds and create memories with our educational resources/activities.

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What Do We Do?

We educate, engage and empower people to create healthier lives through informed dining choices.

We provide opportunities for participants to:

  • Learn the science of food
  • Understand the importance of food to overall well-being
  • Engage in activities that unlock their creativity
  • Create family memories as they explore nourishing dining experiences

** A virtual experience for families to enjoy!

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An Employee Benefit That Is Both Rewarding & Impactful!

Participants will receive:

  • Interactive Video Instructions
  • Engaging Activities
  • Unlimited Access To FoodNiche-Ed Digital Resources
  • Invite To Food Challenge
  • Opportunities To Earn Rewards  

Creating opportunities for:

  • Employee and family education on food and health
  • Participation in activities that foster healthier eating habits
  • Inter team competition
  • Enhanced health and productivity.

"I am a registered dietitian and instructor. I covered topics that are crucial for young children to understand. The concepts will help participants to understand how to safely handle food, basic nutrition terminologies that will help them make informed food choices. Along with other topics students will also find practical kitchen safety food."

Athena Nofizer RDN


Our Goal

To educate and engage people at the intersection of food & health leveraging technology.

Connect with us, let us discuss more about leveraging technology to enhance your team building effort and promote employee well-being.

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