Global Health Food Market Projections (Functional Food, Drinks & Supplements)


Recent reports published by Research& projects that the global food market will reach US$557.6 billion by 2024 with a CAGR of 7.15% . The report attributed the growth in the market to growing consumer focus on the nutritional values of food. With US as the fastest regional market, which is driven by the high level of awareness of the people on the health benefits of food.

Here are quick highlights from the reports:

Factors Driving The Projections:

  • Sales of Organic Food
  • Rising Consumption of Vegetable Oil
  • Growth of Geriatric Population
  • Rising Demand For Transparency
  • High Cost of Healthy Food In Low/Middle Income Countries

Notable Trends Includes:

  • Increase In Demand For Energy Drinks
  • High Adoption of Meat Alternatives
  • Growing Consumer Interest In Achieving Health Goals
  • High Demand For On The Go Dietary Supplements

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